Wednesday, September 11, 2013


September 11th 5:00pm-10:00pm SLT

The Firehouse Saloon was created with two purposes:

First, to honor those that deserve all the respect we can give them, the Firefighters of the world.
The second was to create a visually pleasing venue for good people to enjoy good times, DJ's, Live performers, and a weekly tribute concert.

The Firehouse Saloon is a family friendly venue 
                 with respect for each other at the top of the priority list always.                      
9/11 was a day of horror and evil...
but this year we have a chance to change the meaning 
of that day to a day of making our world better. - Crossfire H. Lima -

Make your plans to come join us, have a heck of a good time, 
enjoy some of the finest live performers SL has to offer....
and change the lives of some children that deserve so much better than we got. 

I have seen this to often. Woman and Children being abused physically and emotionally. 
When ever I hear stories I become angered and frustrated. 
So today I start this I have plans on developing this 
and actually doing something to help the abused. 
Please friend/like and invite your friends. 
- Crossfire H. Lima
All donation meters will be removed, and all proceeds from the day's events will go to support the "Associaçao Projecto Criar"

Mission" VIA "I'm Not Your Toy" foundation in SL supporting abused women and children.
"I'm Not Your Toy" (INYT) goal is to raise funds in SecondLife® 
for RL non-profit associations against child and woman abuse.
With the help of SL® designers, models, bloggers,singers, Dj´s, performers, dancers and friends who are ready to give their time and talent with nothing to receive just the happiness to know that together we can made a difference in someone life.
Lua Vendetta

"Associaçao Projecto Criar"
 NIF 509817009
NIB : 0045 9031 40254432712 80
IBAN : PT50 - 0045 9031 4025 4432 7128 0

We provide legal, clinical, social, women, children, youth and families always as offended (as) in Civil processes Guardianship, Guardianship education in the promotion and protection and in criminal cases, particularly when they are victims sexual abuse, maltreatment, domestic violence and human trafficking. We intend to promote a network intervention to resolve these cases. Tel 222 085 949 or 96 489 99 58 Square D. Philippa of Lancaster, 22, 1 º Esq, room 26, 4050-259 Porto
The lineup for the evening's "Main Event"'
Some of the finest live performers SL has to offer, have donated their time and talent to make this evening a fun and successful event!

Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer)  
5-6pm STL

Known around the Second Life and the metaverse since 2006 for live performance, Seth performs his amazing original music and the best rock/pop hits from the '60s through today. His shows are always full of energy and very often, driven by audience requests from his vast repertoire. The vibe at his shows is always uplifting and tons of fun!

Jacq Luik  -  6-7pm SLT.

Singing in SL for almost a year now, Jacq performs a mix of artists from all genres, past and present, with focus on jazz, love songs and ballads.  SL has created a unique opportunity for Jacq to widen her range of songs.  If a song touches her heart, she will bring it to you as well as your requests. Her personality shines through each performance, leaving the audience with a smile and a great time for the hour.

Norm Goldshark - 7-8pm SLT,

If you're looking for awesome Classic Country and Oldies sung from the heart, 
Norm Goldshark is your man!
He was influenced by a household of talent, Grandfather, Father, and Brother who played musical instruments. At a young age he developed a love for Classic Country and Oldies tunes. His major artist influences were the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, George Jones, and Conway Twitty, and many others.

 Yves Welles - 9-10 pm SLT

Yves is a simple, charismatic, & eccentric performer and artist who is so passionate when he sings that it places him in a class all his own. Although he can sing from a wide variety of genre, he loves rock, ballads, country & pop. He loves to have fun and engage his audience, he sings to inspire and entertain them every second they are there. With a song list of more than 180 songs to choose from there is something for everyone. You will always leave his shows feeling excited and entertained.

  9/11 our world changed forever...but remains forever strong.

 Thank you for your support! 

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